The Midwest is home to some of the country’s best recreation areas for hiking and camping. Terrain shows you where to go and what to do when you get there.

Colorful Fall Foliage Hikes in Missouri and Illinois

In the MIdwest, “fall” is synonymous with “foliage” and, as the temperatures drop and the trees start to turn, the hillsides are set afire with every hue of gold, red, yellow, and orange. Here's where to go for colorful fall foliage hikes.

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The Basics of Car Camping, and Where to Stay and Play

Not everyone likes bedding down with just a sleeping bag between their backsides and the ground. Fortunately, modern campers have an option that provides the invigoration of fresh air and the excitement of new places, but without the (literal) pain in the back — car camping.

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Sage Mountain Recreation Area Opens in Berger, Missouri

Midway between the wineries of Hermann and Augusta, deep in Missouri forest filled with unique, beautiful features, Sage Mountain Recreation Area offers a new getaway for hiking, camping, rock climbing, and more.

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