Missouri trails continue to garner recognition from around the country—and around the world—as top places to pedal. Most recently, Howzit MSN Travel named our very own Katy Trail as one of “The World’s Best Bike Routes,” along with legendary paths like the mountain-hugging Nga Haerenga in New Zealand, northern Patagonia’s Carretera Austral and the underground (yes, underground) bike trail in Slovenia.

So, what is it that puts the Katy Trail in such outrageous company? Here’s what Howzit MSN Travel had to say:

The 386-kilometre Katy Trail spans the entire width of Missouri, connecting St Louis with Kansas City. The route is ideal for younger cyclists as it’s mostly flat, and the scenery ranges from rugged farmland to limestone bluff-dotted valleys.

Highlights include the river town of Hermann, which is famous for its German heritage and wineries, and Boonville. If you spend the night here, squeeze in a visit to the Warm Springs Ranch, which is where Anheuser-Busch (the owner of Budweiser) breeds Budweiser Clydesdale horses, which are used in their adverts and as their beer wagon-pulling hitch horses.”

Even if it is the token mid-American entry, there’s no question the Katy Trail is a local treasure.

Source: http://travel.howzit.msn.com/the-worlds-best-bike-routes-43