You could pay a lot of money for a guided bike tour of the Katy Trail, our country’s longest rail-trail, which stretches 240 miles from Clinton to Machens, Missouri. Or you could buy author Kathy Schrenk’s new book, Katy Trail: A Guided Tour Through History, and have a DIY adventure with folks of your own choosing.

Kary Trail: A Guided Tour Through History

I like that the book provides nine ready-made itineraries that include mileage, attractions, history tidbits, and ideas on where to eat and stay. Easy peasy. In fact, by stringing together the first five rides, you can cover the entire trail from end to end in less than a week. The remaining rides consist of three family outings — shorter in distance, with plenty to see and do — plus a “Winery Ramble” from Defiance to Marthasville. (Better get a shuttle for this one or stay overnight and ride back the next day.)

Speaking of shuttles, the book lists several transportation providers, along with safety tips and even what flora and fauna you can expect to see along the trail. The 34-page, large-format paperback easily folds or rolls to fit in your biking backpack, so you can keep it close at hand. $15.

Author: Brad Kovach is the editor/publisher of Terrain Magazine.