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Welcome to the One-Eyed Dog! This cross-country endurance race is held over some of the most rugged and unforgiving sections of the Ozark Trail. Just when you think you can catch your breath going down, you’re facing back up a hill grinding out over rocks and roots. Boasting the only 100-mile, 100% singletrack race in the USA and over 11,000 feet climbing, the OED100 mile is a grueling challenge that tests one’s physical and mental toughness. Finishing in daylight is a right of passage for any cross-country OED 100-mile endurance racer.

If the OED100 mile sounds too rough, the OED50 mile is sure to suit. Similarly, it takes you over some incredible Ozark Trail single track that is fast and undulating with 4,900 feet of climbing. You will get some reprieve with approximately 9 miles of gravel that loops the trail back around to a single track. Want to challenge yourself further but do not want to ride 100 miles? Enter the single-speed category and take yourself to a whole new level of hurt!

If you’re new to the sport or just want to be at the finish line to cheer on your mates because you’re there for the party but not necessarily the pain, the OED24 or OED12 mile is for you. One or two laps around Council Bluff over technical rocky, rooty terrain will give you your race fix but have you back at race camp with a cold beer in hand in no time.

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