Simple escapes to tiny cabins nestled in nature. That’s the ethos of the New York-based company Getaway, which recently opened a new “outpost” located 45 minutes from St. Louis in Bloomsdale, Missouri, near the St. Francois Mountains. 

“We created Getaway to give people time, space, and permission to be off. Our tiny cabins in nature provide a break from the city, technology, and work, so that you can recharge and reconnect to who and what matters,” said Jon Staff, CEO and founder of Getaway. “We’re located about two hours outside of cities and build outposts with around 40 cabins per location.”

The St. Francois Outpost joins similar ones close to Atlanta, Austin, Raleigh, Chicago, Kansas City, New Orleans, Nashville, and more. Each cabin ranges from 140 to 200 square feet and comes with everything you need for a fast escape: a queen bed or bunks, a two-burner stove, mini-fridge, sink, toilet, shower, heat/AC, fire pit, and housewares like toiletries, linens, dishes and utensils, etc. 

Getaway St. Francois Tiny Cabion

Visitors to the St. Francois Outpost can choose from 40 one- or two-bed cabins (as well as accessible cabin options) and can hike on three trails that follow a winding stream and feature overlooks and interesting geological formations. A market and restaurant lie just 20 minutes away; St. Francois State Park and the Mine at Bonne Terre are about 30 minutes away.

“Getaway is a health and wellness hospitality company on a mission to make space in the world for free time,” said Staff. “[We] focus on creating a place that enables our guests to escape to nature as effortlessly as possible.”

Cabins start at $109 per night, but rates vary by location, seasonality, and availability. You can book at any of the Getaway outposts at