BH North America Corporation, makers of premium bicycles, fitness equipment and garage cabinetry, has announced it is relocating its U.S. headquarters from California to St. Charles, Missouri.

“Missouri is perfectly positioned at the intersection of the east-west and north-south shipping corridors,” said Dan Foust, president and CEO of BH North America. “We can ship products anywhere in the U.S. in a couple of days and eliminate a lot of waste in rent and taxes. This strategic location and cost savings will allow us to innovate, invest in our people and increase our competitiveness in the marketplace.”

BH North America is a subsidiary of the 109-year-old, family-owned, four-generation-run BH Group based in Vitoria, Spain, which has operations in 65 countries around the world.

The new 75,000-square-foot St. Charles facilities will include the company’s headquarters, residential and commercial products showroom, state-of-the-art video and photo studio, distribution center and warehouse.

“We applaud and appreciate BH North America’s decision to invest in St. Charles,” said St. Charles Mayor Sally Faith. “BH North America continues our strategy to not only diversify our economic basis, but to strengthen our region through an improved outreach program.”

“St. Charles and St. Louis have workers who care,” said Foust. “I know our new team members will embrace our company and our culture and embrace our customers. Fitness is a people business, and I am excited about the breadth of the talent pool in the region. This move is the right choice for our company.”

BH North America expects to begin operations at its new headquarters and distribution center in August 2018.