What started in April 2017 as an idea to bring the same LED reflector technology found in high-end car headlights to bike lights has become reality. Founded by St. Louisan Matthew Conte with help from Kyle Cragle, Outbound Lighting delivered its first batch of high-performance, long-lasting Focal Series lights in June to those who pledged to support the company’s Kickstarter campaign over the past year.

“We want to thank the more than 150 backers who pledged to get a next-generation bike light from us six months ago. We’ve delivered all the lights and are looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks,” said Conte. “Our lights utilize the latest in automotive lighting technology to project an engineered beam pattern designed specifically for biking instead of the typical flashlight ‘spot’ optic that is commonplace. This means an even illumination that makes riding at night far more comfortable, safer and more enjoyable.”

The lights, which are designed, engineered and assembled in St. Louis, boast a number of improvements over conventional bike lights. Outbound Lighting Focal Series lights are the first to use die-cast magnesium and optical-grade silicone to reduce weight; the computer-designed reflector puts every lumen on target to create a smooth and effective beam pattern; and automotive-grade LED chips represent the next generation in lighting. Plus, the lights are waterproof, mudproof and dustproof.

The Focal Series comes in both road and trail versions, each one optimized for its intended usage. Packages include the main light unit and battery pack, with spare battery packs, extension cords, GoPro adapters and wall chargers also available. outboundlighting.com