So iLL Inc., known worldwide as a maker of trendsetting climbing holds, apparel, and accessories, has renovated a former furniture store in The Hill neighborhood of St. Louis and transformed the 10,000-square-foot space into a new headquarters. The company moved its dozen employees into the office area at the end of September and is putting the finishing touches on a showroom for retail sales and display.

“The idea was to have our office staff, design team, and So iLL shop all in one place,” said Hannah Chancellor, marketing developer for the company. “We wanted a space where people could see the lifespan of a product, from idea to execution, like a timeline. We have display boards up with products that are coming down the line, and once the showroom is done, we’ll have one of everything there.”

“Everything” includes 20 shoe models (climbing and lifestyle), 15 apparel items, 17 bag styles, 10 hold families (between 100 and 120 holds per family), and numerous accessories including chalk bags, route-setting buckets, and a crash pad.

The showroom will be on the second-floor mezzanine and will be visible from the street through the large picture windows that surround the building.

“The space before was dark, with the windows on the upper floor covered. We opened up all of those to let in light. We refinished the wood floors and painted everything white because we wanted the products to pop,” said Chancellor. “It’s a very open, inviting space, with brilliant and fun plant life acquired and designed by our friend and St. Louis resident, Bethany Gresoski.”

Chancellor says So iLL hopes to have the showroom open to the public by this summer and will likely start with viewings by appointment only.

The new So iLL headquarters is located at 2008 Marconi Avenue.