Not long after the completion of mountain bike trails in Gardner Park (pictured, top) last fall, volunteers have begun work on the new All America Bike Park in Quincy, Illinois. The project incorporates ramps, rollers, and other features for riders of all different skill levels, including young kids.

“It will be like a natural-surface trail, but fabricated,” said Marcelo Beroiza, marketing operations director for the Quincy Park District. “We just had a [semi-truck] container delivered that people will be able to ride through and over, and there will be a pump track and wood platforms to ride off…things like that.”

Funded partially by the Quincy Park District, which approved spending $15,000 on the materials needed to construct the wooden structures and other obstacles, the bike park is being built by two local volunteer groups: Trailblazers and the Quincy Mountain Bike Group. The hope is to turn the city into a mountain biking destination, say those involved with the project.

All America Mountain Bike Park Quincy

“We’ve never done a project where so many volunteers — thousands — are doing all the work. This a powerful,” said Beroiza. “We’re also working on mountain bike trails in Sunset and Park Heights parks, which are all near Quincy Bay [on the Mississippi River], so it will be cool that you can start in the bike park, hit three other trails, and then roll down to the waterfront and eat and drink at one of our restaurants.”

All America Bike Park, as well as the trails at Sunset and Park Heights parks, are expected to be completed this summer.