Many people do their research online when it comes to buying a new bike. Imagine how easy it would be to complete that research, purchase the bike you want then and there, and have it built by a certified mechanic and delivered to your home.

That’s the idea behind VeloFix DIRECT, a new service offered by North America’s largest fleet of mobile bike shops. “[With VeloFix DIRECT] you can now go online and select from several different brands and order a bike directly from them, it gets shipped to me, and I will build the bike and deliver it to your home,” said VeloFix St. Louis franchisee Francesca DeRanzo.

VeloFix DIRECT is currently available in cooperation with the following bike brands: BH Bikes, Clearly Bikes, Ellsworth Bikes, Evo Bikes, Franco Bicycles, LOOK, Pure Fix Cycles, Simcoe, Spot Bicycles, Turner Bikes and Van Dessel.

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