I bought a pair of Kühl Revolvr pants several months ago and have been using them on my spring hiking and camping trips — as well as for casual everyday wear. Yes, they’re that comfortable. Plus, with a tasteful color palette (eight earthy choices in all) and vintage patina dye, the pants are stylish enough to go straight from the trail to the restaurant. Check the box for versatility, too.

The contoured waist, articulated knees, full seat and gusseted crotch perform as advertised, allowing freedom of movement unlike any other “jean” in my closet. A second big change from other jeans: the Überkühl fabric (nylon and combed cotton canvas) is lightweight and quick to dry, on the verge of being breathable, yet still tough enough to protect against brushes with tree branches, boulders and the like. Really, I hate to classify these pants as jeans, since they’re so non-confining; Kühl calls them “travel jeans.” That works.

I wear a 34×30, and the pair I bought is true to size. You can get them in either the “Full” or new “Lean” cut to help dial in the seat and leg fit. Scuff guards add durability in the high-wear heel area. Another nice feature is the stash pocket on the thigh for quick access to frequently used items: cell phone, pocket knife, etc. Heck, I even like the Italian snap, designed to secure easily and not dig into your belly.

The Revolvr sells for $75. I got mine at REI St. Louis, where the selection was pretty good but not great — plenty of sizes, but only a couple of colors. Looks like I’ll be going back often to check on the re-stock, as I could see myself with a whole closet full of these rugged yet uber-relaxed pants. www.kuhl.com

Author: Brad Kovach is the editor of Terrain magazine