You like to listen to music on the trail, but you need to be aware of your surroundings. The bone-conducting tech in these wireless headphones delivers music through your jaw, ensuring your ears remain open to hear ambient sounds. That’s a huge safety plus, especially when you’re out there solo.

Weighing only 30 grams, the Trekz Air is super light and flexible. I hardly noticed I was wearing it. The published battery life is six hours per charge, but I’ve approached seven despite repeatedly switching between music and phone calls using the multiport Bluetooth pairing. I wore the headphones during an ultramarathon with some wicked weather, so I can attest that they repel sweat, dust and moisture.

My only complaint: the sound quality wasn’t quite as rich as my regular earbuds. But this isn’t a deal breaker. I like being able to soundtrack my favorite outdoor activities without having to continually look over my shoulder. $150.

Author: Shalini Kovach is a regular contributor to Terrain Magazine and the founder of Terrain Trail Runners.