Fans of Swim Bike Run (SBR) Chesterfield’s cycling jerseys can now take that same edgy style and energy to the streets with YING YING YING. Designed and traded by Elise Edman and James Coudright, both managers at SBR Chesterfield, the small-batch clothing brand recently released is fall/winter collection, called Distortion.

“This is a separate project from what we do at SBR, but being active and being creative, there’s no doubt that’s part of someone’s soul,” said Coudright. “Elise does the SBR shop kits, and they’re all small quantities. We do maybe four limited-edition kits a year, and they don’t come back. Our customers like that.

“In the same manner, streetwear has a unique combination of being high fashion but done in a bold way,” Coudright continued. “It’s fun to help people make a statement with what they wear. I do think that that kind of thought and finding different ways to be bold crosses over a little with our community at SBR.”

Swim Bike Run Jerseys

James Coudright and Elise Edman in their SBR gear.

Edman and Coudright have been partnering on YING YING YING for about three years. Their collaboration grew out of a mutual love of art and continues to evolve organically from season to season.

“Elise and I kind of complement each other. We usually start with an idea or concept, pull out interesting colors and graphics, and go from there. Elise does all the design and puts the ideas into work,” Coudright said. “For the fall/winter line, the inspiration was this cool image of a UFO that we reworked. The funny thing about this season is that we called the line Distortion, which turned out being an easy match for 2020. It wasn’t planned that way, but sometimes things end up working out.”

The name of the brand itself has also raised questions.

“The name YING YING YING could mean something or nothing. My favorite part about it is the sound when you say it. It sounds like a two-stroke motor,” Coudright said. “Ying also means ‘win’ in some other countries. It has a lot of meanings without being too heavy.

“We’re not a brand that stands behind a certain message, but we do believe in persevering for who you believe you are and what you believe in. Fashion can represent who we are and drive our spirit.”


YING YING YING Distortion photo shoot.

You can see the full fall/winter collection of YING YING YING and purchase items online at

Author: Brad Kovach is the editor/publisher of Terrain Magazine,