Safety isn’t at the forefront of most kids’ minds. (Like that pun? Then you’ll love this.) In response, two St. Louis dads put their heads together to produce brainskinz, a line of helmets with interchangeable shells designed to make wearing them more fun. “I kept seeing kids riding around without helmets,” said partner John Polansky. “I eventually started to question them and was told they either didn’t like the way their helmets looked, or they didn’t like the way they felt.” Brainskinz solve this problem by providing a “base” helmet fitted with soft, satiny padding and an adjustable dial for a custom fit. Decorative “shells” detach from the base and can be changed to suit whatever mood the wearer is feeling that day. “Choosing and changing the shell is where the fun comes in,” said partner Brad Gilmore. “Kids love being able to express themselves.” $25 (base helmet); $15 (shells);