St. Charles County has purchased land near Wentzville, Missouri, that will bring its number of parks to 21. The 199-acre property is located at the intersection of Highway W and West Meyer Road. Most of the land is in unincorporated St. Charles County, but a portion of it is in Foristell.

St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann said, “This beautiful park property gives us an opportunity to maintain green space for the future. The Parks Department has other properties in reserve for that very reason. Our mission is to preserve and conserve the natural and historic resources of this county for the recreational benefit and enjoyment of our citizens.”

The St. Charles County Parks Department currently has 17 parks open to the public, four in reserve, and a total of 4,151 acres. More information on plans for this park and an opening date will be forthcoming. 

All acquisitions, development, and operations of St. Charles County parks are funded from a local use tax on out-of-state purchases approved by voters in 1997. The purchase price for this property was $6 million (about $30,150 per acre), which was less than the appraised value.