Are you ready for a challenge? Take the Shawnee Challenge, a free, self-supported, mobile-exclusive adventure that allows you to experience different parts of the Shawnee National Forest in the ways you prefer: hiking, paddling, on horseback, or mountain biking. Earn points by checking into challenge locations to redeem a Shawnee Challenge sticker and sweepstakes entries for a quarterly drawing of a Shawnee apparel prize package.

Spanning 289,000 acres, Shawnee National Forest is nestled in Southern Illinois between the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. It features strikingly beautiful oak-hickory forests, flourishing wetlands, lush canyons, razorback ridges and unique geological features. All seasons bring a different experience.
Winter is a great time to enjoy the slower, quieter side of Shawnee Forest Country in Southernmost Illinois. The cooler temperatures mean no bugs or snakes and the trees are bare, allowing you to see much further into the forests.

This challenge is not a stroll in the park. It is for those looking to get off the beaten path, and reconnect with nature. Many of the locations have limited, or no services. Part of the challenge is to “pack it in and pack it out” … a Leave No Trace adventure.

When visiting a participating location, simply enable location services, check in, and earn points. Since the forest can have connectivity issues, a 1-mile radius from each location is set for check in, so try in different areas. Check in at three challenge locations to get a free Shawnee Challenge sticker, or use your points for entries in a drawing for a Shawnee apparel prize package.

Shawnee Forest Country is known for its scenic beauty and natural wonders, which create the perfect backdrop for adventure. The Shawnee National Forest provides a natural arena for a wide variety of outdoor exploration. To help you enjoy your experience, you need to be prepared for just about anything mother nature can throw at you.

Your safety should be your priority.  Watch your step and be alert of any hazards, snakes, downed trees, and cliffs. Where proper clothes and shoes for a forest adventure.  Bring supplies: plenty of water and food, insect repellent and tell someone where you will be before you venture out.    Start checking in and earning points to be redeemed for prizes.