With portable mountain bike ramps rising in popularity, we’re starting to see more brands come out with their own spin. I’ve tried multiple portable ramps and like to think I’ve learned a lot about what to look for and what to stay away from. So, when Riley Ramps introduced a beginner-focused model called the Kick’R, I was excited to give it a try.

Let’s start with the pros. This ramp is low risk and forgiving. At 8 inches tall, you can easily roll over it without catching air, allowing you to work up to jumping it with confidence. Another thing I noticed was how simple the design is. This can be good and bad, but I’m going to focus on the upside; even with the uncomplicated construction, it was sturdy. I’ve seen other brands of portable ramps snap and break, but the Kick’R has been durable. Finally, the ramp isn’t too expensive compared to other portable jumps.

Moving on to the cons. The plywood was chipping right out of the box; however, this could have just been on my demo model. Another thing I noticed upon first riding the Kick’R was that the angle of the jump was awkward. Instead of feeling like a small ramp, it felt more like a curb or abrupt speed bump. (I think if the jump was a bit longer, it would ride better.) One last thing I noted was that the bungies holding the ramp together were difficult to get on and off, so a child might struggle to put it together on their own.

I think the Kick’R is best suited for someone who wants to put it on their back, take it to the park, and get more comfortable in the air, but doesn’t want to break the bank on a high-end model. Overall, this is a great beginners’ ramp with a few minor flaws. $140. rileyramps.com

Author: Justin Rausch is a contributor to Terrain Magazine.