PaddleMO 2018, which invites participants to explore 100 miles on North America’s longest river, will take place from September 19 to 23 in 2018. As in the previous two years, the group will travel the Missouri River from Hermann to the confluence with the Mississippi. However, there will be a few changes this year, to keep things interesting for repeat paddlers.

“The trip is Wednesday to Sunday this year, which means the weekend paddlers will get to experience a totally new trip,” said Brooke Widmar, operations manager for Stream Teams United, the sponsoring organization.

Previously, the trip took place from Saturday to Wednesday, so the weekend paddlers (or PaddleMO-Lite) did the beginning stretch from Hermann to Augusta. This year, they’ll be able to experience the final days of the trip, paddling through the confluence of the two big rivers.

“We’re changing up camping locations, take-out locations and a few other things along the route for this year,” said Widmar.

Other aspects will remain the same, such as the educational components planned by Earth’s Classroom and the great food provided by local purveyors. Registration will be capped at 100 participants.

“We’re working hard to make sure this trip will be enjoyed by everyone,” said Widmar, “and are adding new aspects to keep it worth coming back.”

Fees vary for the full five-day paddle, the two-day PaddleMo-Lite and other options, such as traveling in the multi-passenger voyageur canoe or using shuttles. All proceeds support Missouri’s waterways.

Get more information at or call Stream Teams United at 417-459-6526.