In addition to the largest pump track in the US and the largest outdoor skate park in Missouri, 26-acre Kinetic Park in St. Charles County now is home to a new Bicycle Playground and Skills area. The 22,000-square-foot space features a mini pump track, wood bridges, rock transfers, a tunnel, and other obstacles to allow for skills-building for children and adults. 

In addition, an advanced skills course features asphalt rollers, banked turns, wood ramps, jumps, drops, walls, and bridges. This is for the more developed user who is looking to refine their BMX and mountain bike skills.

Kinetic Park Bike Skills Area

“The new Bike Playground and Skills Area is the only course of its kind in the St. Charles County area. Whether you’re new to the mountain biking scene, or a veteran rider, experiencing the bike playground is going to be fun for all ages,” said St. Charles County Parks and Recreation Director Ryan Graham. “[Kinetic Park] is quickly becoming a world-class park for everyday fun, national competitive events, and everything in between.”

While the Bike Playground and Skills Area is geared primarily towards bicycle riders, scooters are also able to use the course.