Everyday Goodlife Holiday Gift Box (pictured, top)
Experience a homegrown holiday from the Everyday Goodlife family farm in Owensville, Missouri. Its curated gifts are created with intention and reflect a passion for living our best life every day through regenerative farming practices and authentic goods and experiences. Its signature gift boxes can be customized for every budget and person on your list. Prices start at $39 and include free shipping. Destination shopping or package pick-up can be arranged from our historic 1916 storefront or visit us at the farm. everydaygoodlife.com


ROAM 52L Rugged Case

No one wants their outdoor gear rolling around the back seat of their car or truck bed, causing damage and making it hard to find what you need. The 52L Rugged Case from ROAM is a durable, hard-sided unit meant to keep your stuff organized and secure. It features nylon rope handles, lockable steel latches, and a dust/waterproof gasket seal that ensures your items stay protected no matter the conditions. Other, larger cases are available, with an interlocking design that makes them easy to stack. $219. roamadventureco.com


Dragonfire Fire Pit Bundle

Everyone loves a fire pit on a cold night, but no one loves smoke in their eyes. The secret of the Dragonfire’s smokeless experience is a double-walled construction that circulates air and forces fumes back into the base of the pit. It’s science, yo. The steel body is treated with a heat-resistant finish, and the unit is lightweight for easy transportation to picnics, tailgate parties, campsites, etc. An optional grate turns the Dragonfire into a BBQ grill; a spark screen and cover are included. $249. dragonfirepit.com


Oru Kayak Inlet

Don’t have room to haul and store a kayak? The Inlet is Oru’s most compact “origami” vessel, measuring 42 x 10 x 18 inches when folded and weighing only 20 pounds. Set-up is intuitive, taking just three to five minutes using the easy-close flaps and click-and-tighten straps. When expanded, the 9-foot, 8-inch kayak is made to track and handle well on calm water and smooth-running streams. Rough landing ahead? The 5-millimeter, double-layered polypropylene body can withstand bumps and slides over rocks. $899. orukayak.com


Ibex Men’s Tranquil Long Sleeve Pullover & Jogger

Merino wool is renewable, breathable, and requires minimal washing because of its natural resistance to staining and wrinkling. This pullover and jogger set combines the benefits of merino and organic cotton for the classic sweatsuit look, feel, and performance. The pullover has raglan sleeves for extra mobility. The joggers have a gusset and pockets for on-the-go needs. Available in sizes small to extra extra large in three colors, including Black (pictured). $142 (pullover) and $145 (jogger). ibex.com


Ecovessel WanderWare Reusable Utensil Set

Say no to single-use cutlery and help keep our planet clean with this seven-piece, go-anywhere utensil set from Ecovessel. The food-grade stainless-steel set includes a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, straw with a silicone tip, and straw cleaning brush. All of the pieces fit inside a convenient carrying case for easy portability. The utensils are dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and recyclable. Available in two colors, including vibrant iridescent Rainbow (shown), and sleek matte Black. $25. ecovessel.com


Time Concepts Bia Rosie Dive Watch

Bia’s Rosie Dive series is named for Rosie the Riveter and is an homage to those who changed the future for women in the workplace. The watch is water resistant to 200 meters and features a rotating dive timing bezel. Bia’s glow-in-the-dark dials offer 10 hours of illumination from just 10 minutes of sunlight, with a scratch-resistant glass crystal, stainless-steel case, and screw-down crown and back. Available in seven silicone strap colors, including Light Green (pictured). $175. timeconcepts.net


Revo Descend Fold

These sporty, polarized shades have a distinctive panoramic design and world-class optics — plus a hidden secret: They quickly fold down to a small size, so you can keep them safe from damage. Carry them right in your pocket, close at hand for every adventure. The Descend Fold comes in four lens colors, including Crystal/Evergreen (shown). Also available with prescription lenses. $240. revo.com


TINCUP Mountain Mule

Enjoy the Mountain Mule, an on-the-go take on the classic cocktail, featuring TINCUP, a classic American whiskey, cut with Rocky Mountain Water, along with the flavors of ginger and lime for a cocktail inspired and made for the mountains. Each kit comes with a special VSSL Flask, designed to help you toast the summit, an epic pow day, or good friends around a fire. TINCUP and VSSL will be donating all proceeds from the sale of the flasks (up to $15,000) to Leave No Trace. This kit makes 12 drinks. $130. cocktailcourier.com

Author: Brad Kovach is the editor/publisher of Terrain Magazine.