There have been other films about Momo the Monster, a Bigfoot-like creature that allegedly prowled the woods near Louisiana, Missouri, in the early 1970s. But none of those movies are quite like “MOMO: The Missouri Monster”, which was released late last year by Small Town Monsters.

Equal parts documentary and low-budget horror flick, the narrative hops back and forth between interviews with Louisiana residents, who share their take on the legend, and footage from a “lost” creature feature made back in 1975 based on the Momo story. It’s a unique approach that makes it hard to determine what is fact and what is fiction — but isn’t that often the case with myths?

“MOMO: The Missouri Monster” won’t answer any questions for skeptics; however, it is an entertaining watch, especially if you’re a fan of cryptozoology (that’s a fancy word for the study of animals whose existence is disputed) or, alternatively, “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.

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