Four international design teams have been working for months on conceptual plans to connect Forest Park and Washington University with downtown St. Louis and the Gateway Arch, and those plans were completed in early April. Now that area residents have had a chance to view the designs and provide input on each concept, the four teams will present their conceptual plans to the Chouteau Greenway Design Competition jury, which is comprised of nine local and international experts, on Wednesday, April 25.

Each team will get 45 minutes to present, followed by a 45-minute discussion with the jury. All presentations are open to the public for observation only and will be live-streamed on Great Rivers Greenway’s Facebook page. No comments or questions will be taken verbally, but people can listen, check out the boards and fill out surveys. The jury will adjourn to a separate room for confidential discussion between presentations.

The jury will evaluate how each concept addresses the design and community goals based upon:

  • Deliverables from the Team: Exhibit boards, full design report and presentation to the jury
  • Advisory Reports: Responses from Community Advisory Committee, Technical Advisory Group and Design Oversight Committee
  • Community Input: Since April 6, residents have been encouraged to view the boards, reports and/or presentations and provide feedback via a survey.

The jury’s findings will be presented to the Design Oversight Committee for review, and the chosen team is expected to be announced the week of April 30. The chosen team will refine its design before presenting a final concept this summer. The project partners then take on the task of determining how to bring the project to life, addressing funding and governance options for the project’s construction, activation and maintenance. From the overall concept plan, specific segments will undergo further engagement, design and engineering before construction can begin.

To learn more about the Chouteau Greenway Design Competition, the Chouteau Greenway project, the jury members or the presentations, please visit