Want to help make across St. Louis a little bit safer and easier for everyone? Join the brand-new app LaneSpotter in The Great Rate. From Monday, October 23 through Sunday, October 29, cyclists from around the city will work together to create St. Louis’ first bike safety map.

All you have to do is provide safety ratings on the roads you ride through LaneSpotter. Each time you rate a road, you’re entered to win a bunch of really cool bike-related prizes, including a brand new, Ibis Hakka MX gravel bike. To get started with The Great Rate, visit https://www.thegreatrate.bike/stl/. The result: a comprehensive bike safety map that can be used by everyone who bikes around St. Louis. Currently, the app is only available for iPhones, but don’t worry, you can still contribute with the online map.

And this is just the beginning. During the next six months, LaneSpotter will introduce features that will give you a real-time view of what your city looks like from a biking perspective. You’ll be able to easily find bike shops and more. You’ll also be able to create and receive alerts around bike lane closures and road conditions and be able to create, save and share your favorite routes. Think Waze for bikes, but more fun.

With more and more people taking to the streets on two wheels around St. Louis and other cities, the time for LaneSpotter is now. “St. Louis is one of eight pilot cities for LaneSpotter,” Lynsie Campbell, creator and founder of LaneSpotter said. “We looked for cities that have greatly increased the number of people cycling, among other things, and St. Louis was one of them.”

What is LaneSpotter?
LaneSpotter was created by an avid cyclist who has navigated and explored cities all over the U.S. by bike. However, when she started riding with her young son, “it totally changed the way I looked at cycling,” said Campbell. “I started to focus more and more on safety and safe routes.”

With another startup successfully created and launched under her belt, Campbell decided to work on something near and dear to her heart, which has become LaneSpotter. The goal of LaneSpotter is to become “like Waze for cyclists,” Campbell said. “Our goal is to create a more interactive app. One example is that cyclists will be able to drop pins on a map where potholes or other hazards might be and that will alert that city’s street department that a fix is needed. One day, I hope to open the app or website and see bike safety ratings on roads coast to coast.”

LaneSpotter’s mission is to make cycling safer, easier and more fun for everyone. Get more information at the LaneSpotter website.