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The spring 2021 will usher in a new and completely different gravel event simply named The Enduro. The race will start and finish at the Whitewater Barn. There will be 3 timed stages with neutral sections connecting them. Only the stages will be timed and count towards the final standings but riders must complete all loops and neutral sections to be considered for awards. The race will have 73 miles of timed racing. 25 miles of neutral sections. The total race will be 98 miles.

Key points/Rules:

Only the 3 stages will be timed and count for position

Riders will have to follow the pre planned routes for both the stages and the neutral sections or be disqualified

The stages will be marked with course marking. The neutral sections will not be and require the rider to know the route

All riders must complete all stages and all neutral sections or will be issued a DNF

Start times:

Start line – 7am

Stage 1 start – 7:20am OM, 7:23 OW, 7:26 M&W B’s, 7:29 M&W M, 7:32 GM&SS

Stage 1 cut off – 2:15 From start time

Stage 2 start – 52 – 10:30am OM, 10:33 OW, 10:36 M&W B’s, 10:39 M&W M, 10:42 GM&SS

Stage 2 cutoff – 2:00 From start time

Stage 3 start – 45 – 1:20pm OM, 1:23 OW, 1:26 M&W B’s, 1:29 M&W M, 1:32 GM&SS

Stage 3 cutoff – 2:15 From start time

Key – OM-Open Men, OW-Open Women, M&W B’s-Men/Women B class, M&W M-Men/Women Masters, GM-Grand Masters, and SS-Single Speed

Each class will be started by the timer at each stage at their designated start time. No riders will be allowed to start the stage before their groups start time

There will be designated self supported/support crew sag stations before each loop where you can make repairs and resupply water/nutrition

There is no outside help allowed except for designated SAG area

There will be a bag drop service for riders without a support crew

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