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So, winter running isn’t your thing, or maybe the miles offered aren’t quite what you are looking for, WELL do we have a treat for you!

See the amazing scouting property of Beaumont like you have never seen it before(or since 2019), in the summer.

We present to you two NEW offerings of a 10k and half marathon over some familiar and many new trails.


This is not your grandparents kind of trail, this will beat you down and have you yelling and screaming, “This is B.S”

We take you on rugged trails that feature large rocks and boulders, some of which may (and will) have you using all your limbs to navigate up OR down through. You will run on rough off camber sections of primitive trail, (the half)featuring a massive narrow switchback of loose gravel and not one BUT two powerlines, one up and one down.

This race will feature incredible fast jeep roads and the properties biggest ascents and descents leaving your quads screaming in terror and your lungs heaving for air.

Don’t come crying to us when our Baby wears you down…..

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