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 BASICS OF CYCLING. Bike Types, Laws, Care, Tools, Clothing, Protocols & MORE! 
Starts at 6:15PM – Marsha Clark
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WISH YOU WERE MORE CONFIDENT AND KNOWLEDGEABLE about biking skills, supplies, clothing, types of bikes and stuff that others just seem to know? Feel a bit overwhelmed when going into a bike store? OKAY! LET’S BUILD SOME CONFIDENCE!

In a safe zone for sharing questions (no question will be considered silly or too elementary–they are PERFECT for this session), we will address the basics of the bicycling world and help each of us feel more confident to expand our horizons, literally and figuratively. The tools, the gear, clothing, the working parts of a bike, types of bikes, social protocols when riding and responsibilities of riding a bike can be addressed–stuff that ALL WC2 MEMBERS SHOULD KNOW!

We’ll cover things like bike frames: the differences between race, mountain, hybrid, touring, cyclocross; bike gearing and shifting, saddles, using a CO2 cartridge to air inner tubes; lycra shorts and tight “kits” you might be thinking you would never wear, maintaining your bike; riding in groups– what to do and not do, chamois butt’r (what??), riding in various community events–what to expect, necessary gear to carry with you when riding; shoes that have cleats, pedals with clips, and what is “clipless”? How to safely ride over railroad tracks; crossing busy traffic; climbing and descending hills; AND MORE. ALL QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME!

The Presenters are members of WC2, who will address a long list of critical topics– a copy of which you’ll receive so you can make your own notes on them as you wish– take it home for reference and further study as you desire.

You will receive a copy of the WC2 Ride Protocols too! (‘So important to know its content).

Arrive by 6:00, if you can, to settle in. We’ll have a lot to cover, so we’ll start promptly at 6:15, taking us fully to 7:40. Light refreshments will be provided.

This seminar has been presented before, with participants noting it was very helpful in building confidence for riding with others and taking steps to grow in their understanding of the bicycle world and biking in the St. Louis region.

All are welcome to come. But please RSVP on the “Meet UP” site, so we can set up sufficiently!


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