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What: Criteriums are a mass start bicycle racing format that is extremely popular in the US, especially in Carondelet Park.

Why: Criterium racing is terrific for improving speed, tactics, positioning, handling and fitness.

How it Works: Each race lasts a specified duration plus three laps with the final lap signalled by the ringing of a bell.

Race Information:Most evenings there are four races: A, B, C and Juniors U-18.The “A Race” will be for USA Cycling Category 1, 2 and 3 licensed racers.The “B Race” will be for USA Cycling Category 4 licensed Men, Category 1/2/3 licensed Women and Masters 40+ Category 1/2/3 Men.The “C” Race will be for USA Cycling Category 5 Men, Category 4 Women and 1 Day License Holders.The “Juniors” Race will be for Under 18 Boys Category 5 and Under 18 Girls Category 4.

Big Shark will offer two classroom setting training classes in store and two racing clinics at Carondelet Park (off of the bike). Information covered will be very useful to anyone considering racing. Pre-register or just show up!

For complete information please visit: http://bigshark.com/articles/2017-vann-knight-tuesday-night-world-championship-criterium-training-series-3-14-17-to-8-29-17-pg1262.htm

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