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WELCOME Ladies & Gents – We are very excited to announce the first ULTRA-event ever held in Jefferson County, Missouri.
The JCRC – Jefferson County Run Club is hosting our first ULTRA event and first TIMED event.

See how far can you go in 12 hours, 6 hours or 1 hour
RUN, WALK, or just Hang Out!
~Finisher’s Medals Capped at first 100 Runners, specific to: ~
•12-Hour (25 Runners/ Walkers max.) includes RELAY option
• 6-Hour (25 Runners/ Walkers max.) includes RELAY option
• 1-Hour (50 Runners/ Walkers max.)
Our 1-, 6- & 12-hour event is formatted primarily as an ultra-marathon, in which a competitor runs/walks as far as they can within the given 1-, 6- or 12-hour period.

Course Description:
The Endurance Trials race course is a looped sub-1 Mile course with a slight elevation, located within West City Park, in Festus, Missouri. The course is an asphalt loop (.76-.77 Mile, elev. 22ft) nearly 90% flat,that circles its way around the Soccer/ Baseball Fields and a small Fishing Lake to ‘that one hill’, a relatively mellow hill, but after a few hours will eventually challenge you.

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ANY and ALL Run Club affiliations (Midwestern or local) are encouraged to spend the day running, with us!!!

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