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Run 5 or 10 miles (1 or 2 loops) night time run under the Sturgeon Moon on the beautiful and challenging gravel roads of Innsbrook Resort. Runners will start at Charrette Creek Commons and find their way, in the moonlight, to the old Farmhouse….and beyond……

What is the Sturgeon Moon?
The Full Moon in August is called Sturgeon Moon because of the great number of this huge freshwater fish that could once be found in lakes and rivers in North America. Other names for this Full Moon include Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon, Fruit Moon, and Barley Moon, all inspired by various crops that can be harvested in August.

More Details:
The run will be a mix of pavement and gravel roads with plenty of challenging climbs. Follow the lanterns at every turn! Enjoy the moonlight reflecting off of the lakes and beaming through the tree canopies on the gorgeous (and maybe scary?) roads of Innsbrook Resort!

Optional pre-run concert: 7-10pm

Race Check-In: 8:30-10pm at our MSE Racing tents in front of the Charrette Creek Commons.
Post-Race relaxation and social (in your new PJ Pants!) complete with big muffins, coffee, and other snacks and refreshments.
Register TODAY!

AND, part of the proceeds will be donate to a new animal shelter that is under construction in Warren County!

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