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Ramen and backpacking go hand it hand. There is just about nothing a good hike and a bowl of ramen can’t solve. But to hike, you need a clear trail. That is where we come in. There is some some TLC that needs to be applied liberally to a portion of the Current River section much like that tasty flavor packet. So bring your ramen and come get some trail time.
This is a maintenance event that will consist of lopping, sawing, signing and leaf blowing. Total mileage of walking will be about 4-5. The event will take place on Saturday out of Hunter’s Camp which has primitive camping but no water or facilities. Camping is available Friday and Saturday night. Depending on the group, we can start some work on the Midco Hollow re-route in preparation for the March 30th event on Sunday. There is no planned meal for this event, but the box of different Ramens will be available. If you would like to organize a meal, we can arrange that.
Dress for the weather in layers making sure (View Full Event Description Here: https://www.ozarktrail.com/event/ramen-to-the-rescue-1-current-river-section/)

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