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River people need to get together, especially during the winter. What better opportunity than at the Mississippi River Water Trail Association’s January event where you and your friends can meet other paddlers and learn from some great river experts. This year join us in person at the National Great River Museum on January 21st. In person is limited to 90 participants.

This year our speakers are avid big river paddler Yolandea Wood, USACE biologist Robert Cosgriff, and expert outdoor photographer Marty Koch.

Safety Speaker:
YOLANDEA WOOD is an experienced big river paddler participating in many long distance races and paddling the entire Mississippi River from source to sea. Yolandea will discuss what paddlers should do to prepare for river conditions including temperature, water level, wind, and appropriate gear. Yolandea will also discuss the hazards to be aware of while on the water including barge traffic, channel location, wing dykes, and dams.

Environmental Speaker
ROBERT COSGRIFF is the Environmental Stewardship Manager for the Rivers Project Office, USACE. He will discuss the USACE mission on the Mississippi River within the St Louis Region and how the USACE manages those natural resources with a goal to create a healthy ecosystem, restore native plant communities, and manage for wildlife species of concern.

Outdoor Photographer
MARTY KOCH is retired but previously worked as a Park Ranger and at Alpine Shop. Marty will show how to improve your outdoor photography by following ten simple steps. Topics will cover dept of field, elements of composition, post processing, and more. Capture the beauty you enjoy in your outdoor pursuits.

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