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The Team Noah Foundation Last Miner Riding is a bit of a different format of mountain biking format. At 9:00 am everyone starts the 8-mile course (5 miles for Juniors at 9:15). Everyone is allotted 1:15 minutes to complete the first mountain bike loop. Thus, for example, if you finish in 45 minutes you rest and recover until the the next lap starts at 10:15 am and you start the 8-mile loop again. This year we are starting with a bit more time but will be cutting 5 minutes off of each lap down to 45 minutes, and from there, laps will continue until the Last Miner Riding remains. It isn’t about how fast you can ride each lap, it’s about how many laps you want to ride. Just a fun day in the woods with a bunch of friends! We will have a top male and top female prize for the Open categories and the Juniors, but that’s about it.

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