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Expedition Ozark will be a true test of endurance, teamwork and mental toughness. Teams (2-4 members) will have 5 days to complete a course covering the Northwest Arkansas region of the Ozarks.

The Ozarks is becoming one of the premier outdoor recreation locations in the country and this race showcases why. Rolling mountains, awe-inspiring rivers, incredible vistas and unforgiving terrain attract adventure seekers of all kinds and are the perfect setting for a multi-day adventure race.

The inaugural 2023 course showcased the region’s best rivers, lakes, hiking trails and of course the world renowned single track biking trails. The 2024 version will highlight many of the same qualities by going even further into the Ozarks backyard! Gravel and forest roads will connect National Forests and State Parks to quaint Ozark communities.

This course will test even the best racers with challenging navigation, steep ascents and unpredictable Spring weather. Racers will find their limits physically and mentally, and will be inspired by the powerful vistas, 300’ bluffs and the life in the Ozark waterways in springtime.

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