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Set within the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, these trail runs offer a unique running experience. Dogwood Canyon is a natural paradise with over 10,000 acres, providing a fantastic variety of trails for our 50K/25K/15K trail runs. Located close to Lampe, Missouri, the trails take runners through both Missouri and Arkansas. This is truly a perfect trail race with rocks, hills, mud, streams and more. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear and clothing as the race takes place rain or shine and the temperatures can range from the 20’s to the 70’s.

Each trail run is unique, but all runs share some of the same territory. The 15K has two aid stations while the 25K and 50K have 4 to 8 aid stations. Generally not technical, the courses are hilly and somewhat rocky, providing our runners with a physically challenging and satisfying experience. Parts of our Dogwood Canyon Trail Run courses are only open for our trail runs, making the participants of this world-class event amongst the special few who are granted access to these majestic and hidden areas of the canyon. After their first trail run with us, most participants make our Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series Dogwood Canyon Trail Runs an annual event. We love our runners!

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