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Presented by Terrain Trail Runners, 963 Beulah Challenge Night Trail Race is our attempt at going back to the grass root and organic feel of trail/ultra running.

Why charge registration?

​Well….we have to pay for permits, insurance and the park ranger for us to be able to legally access the park at night so we’ll cut out all the BS to keep the registration fees low and no price bumps.

Does this peek your interest? 

​The third annual 963 Beulah Challenge Night Trail Race will be hosted in Greensfelder Park on February 8, 2020, in Western St. Louis County, Missouri.

What makes this race unique?

This race is the first night race ever to be held at Greensfelder Park! This will be a timed event and runners will have the option to choose from 9hours, 6hours and 3hours. All three events will end at midnight and adding to the challenge will be the frigid temperatures AKA February Freeze.


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