Dan Burkhardt, president of Magnificent Missouri, announced today that the not-for-profit has hired Ralph Pfremmer as its first executive director. Pfremmer was previously the executive director of Trailnet, a St. Louis-based organization advocating for better connectivity for biking and walking in St. Louis.

In his new role, Pfremmer will focus on expanding the reach of Magnificent Missouri in its mission to increase appreciation of the natural, scenic, cultural and historic value of the last 100 miles of the Missouri River Valley and the Katy Trail. An incredibly valuable asset for the entire region, this corridor is the “backyard” of St. Louis, and Magnificent Missouri is devoted to the conservation of this area.

Pfremmer will broaden conservation-based educational efforts, special events and collaborative projects throughout Missouri River Country.

Burkhardt said, “We believe that people conserve what they love, and Magnificent Missouri is all about getting Missourians to love this remarkable part of our state a little bit more.” Pfremmer added, “Magnificent Missouri believes that the Missouri River Valley and Katy Trail are unique assets with great economic value to the communities along the river and to the entire St. Louis region. Magnificent Missouri will add to that value in a variety of ways and support the work of others with a similar mission.”

Magnificent Missouri was formed in 2012. Past activities have included creation of publications about the region, collaboration with the Katy Land Trust and Missouri State Parks on projects along the Katy Trail, and jointly sponsoring activities with other conservation organizations.