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Pilates is for every body and for everybody.  Athletes of all kinds and at all levels continue to benefit from quality Pilates training. In this class – Pilates for Runners – you will learn how your precision, speed and endurance can all improve when you learn to work your body from the “powerhouse” muscles of the body.  We will also look at how to improve muscular imbalances and learn how to most effectively stretch those chronically tight areas on runners. Whether you are a novice or a professional, injured or in your top shape, Pilates of West County would love to introduce you to the timeless and time-tested work of the Pilates system. Please join Ginger Hedrick and Kelly Schneider, from Pilates of West County for this fun, informative and challenging class.

This free class has limited spots available, so RSVP to reserve your place. Participants should bring their own yoga mat.


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