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This ride/event is hosted by the Jefferson County Heritage and Historical Society to raise funds to replace the missing 100 year old Frisco Hill cycling monument (Imperial, MO), and to support the new Jefferson County Historical Museum (Festus, MO).

The historic Frisco Hill monument commemorated an interesting time period in St. Louis Cycling Club’s history, and that of Jefferson County, MO. 

A legendary bicycle race took place in 1887 during an era when bicycles had a large front wheel, commonly known as Penny Farthings and the Ordinarys. This race between Percy Stone of the Missouri Bicycle Club, and Hal Greenwood of the St. Louis Cycling Club, began in Chesterfield, followed along Old DeSoto Pike Road (LeMay Ferry), and over the many graveled hills of Jefferson County to DeSoto, often at significant downhill speeds. No one knows how these two riders on high bicycles rode down these steep hills all the way to DeSoto at full speed without a single fall. It was certainly not a race for the faint of heart.  

Word continued to spread, and the route became a sought after scenic stop over for cyclists as biking grew in popularity. By 1919, the St. Louis Cycling Club, the oldest/longest running cycling club in existence in the United States, placed granite monument at the intersection of Frisco Hill and Old Lemay Ferry Roads designating the location which held years of historical significance to the cyclists.

An archived newspaper reports cyclists celebrated during a midnight cookout, along with numerous Jefferson County boys who had just returned from WWI.  Several young soldiers are shown with the cyclists in a 1919 photograph, gathered around this Frisco Hill monument.

An endeavor to locate the now missing Frisco Hill monument was made, but to no avail.  Although, its possible the monument now rests below the expansion of Frisco Hill Road, it seems more likely that someone may know of its existence and will hopefully become the hero in aiding in its return.

Between 1920-1923, 3 additional markers were placed by the club denoting other areas of interest.  The Hilltown Marker, originally located in Chesterfield at Lindell Hotel, the St Louis Cycling Club’s meeting place during the late 1880’s/early 1900’s, also had been missing.  This monument has now been located, and will be placed in its new location at Faust Park, in Chesterfield.

Routes for the Frisco Hill Challenge include 50, 75, or 100 mile scenic rides past these 4 monuments. Each sites will have a rest stop area provided for cyclists during this event. All routes end at the newly unveiled replica Frisco Hill monument, and the celebration will continue.  The rides start at Seckman High School in Imperial and finish at the intersection of Frisco Hill Road and Lemay Ferry Road where the new monument will be installed. Riders will be shuttled back to the high school.

There is also a shorter route planned for area middle & high school students, and their families.

Be Sure to Save the Date & Plan to Join the historic Frisco Hill celebration on Saturday, Sept 14th.  Food, beverages, vendors, and a band will be at Frisco Hill. 

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