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Join the fun by running Missouri’s premium, long-standing City of Roses Half Marathon. This course takes you along a paved trail through residential Cape Girardeau and out into the beautiful county. The course is well supported with volunteers to keep you safe as you wind around, up and down paved roads, past horse farms, tree-filled woods and beautiful homes. You will loop back to the Osage Center to find a cheering crowd and lots of good food, water, Gatorade and locally brewed beer. This race is in its 43rd year, and we couldn’t be happier to boast that we even ran the year of “C”. Water stops are available every 2 miles in the beginning, then every mile from mile 8 on. The Water Stops are manned by some really happy people, ready to encourage you on your journey. We offer an early start for those who feel they may take longer than 3 hours to complete the course.

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