These have been my go-to mountain biking bottoms for the past several weeks, and I love the comfort fit and stretchy, double-weave fabric that doesn’t feel like it’s going to tear if I crash. Speaking of which, the water-repellant finish is also dirt resistant! There’s a Velcro waistband system that lets you make adjustments on the fly; while it’s on the inside, I never experienced abrasion or discomfort. Two front hand pockets, two Velcro cargo pockets and a zippered hip pocket allow plenty of room for stashing items you want close at hand. With a 12.5-inch inseam, the shorts reach my knees, offering good protection, but the cut is slim enough that you won’t snag your seat when you climb on and off the bike. The Commander is tough, stylish and, despite the medium-weight material, pleasantly light and breathable. I won’t be racing in them, but for casual rides with friends and session beers afterward at the bar, they’re hard to beat. $100.

Brad Kovach is the editor/publisher of Terrain Magazine